About me

I am a software engineer at Amazon Web Services working on storage management in the Amazon Redshift team since November 2020.

Prior to that I concluded my PhD degree at the Database Systems Group at TU Dresden supervised by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Lehner. During my PhD I worked in close collaboration with SAP SE as part of the SAP HANA Database Campus.

My PhD work focus on exploring opportunities to leverage non-volatile memory technologies (a.k.a. persistent memory) in modern data systems. More precisely I have worked on improving the performance of the read cache on log-structured merge-trees, designing key-value stores to achieve low and predictable tail-latencies, and integrating non-volatile memory in the buffer management with minimal effort while enabling a trade off between runtime performance and faster recovery/lower costs.

My areas of interest are storage management, database systems, transaction processing, data management on mordern hardware, concurrent and parallel programming, distributed systems.